FLOXY, wear your face mask in comfort and breathe easily again

Floxy allows you to protect yourself and others in comfort. As the mask doesn’t touch your mouth directly, you’ll be able to breathe more freely, will be easier to understand and discover that wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Floxy is compatible with most face masks on the market.

Made in Belgium

Introducing Floxy

Do you find that wearing a face mask affects your ability to breathe at times? On the one hand there is growing frustration with the mouth mask and you would rather leave it at home. On the other hand, you want to protect others and yourself at all times. In short, a love-hate relationship soon arises between you and the mouth mask.

Floxy gets around that problem and makes wearing a face mask far more pleasant. Floxy allows you to breathe more freely, makes a face mask more comfortable to wear and you easier to understand. So, don’t stop helping others, just do so in a more comfortable manner.

Benefits of Floxy

The extra comfort and better intelligibility while wearing a Floxy are just two of the many strengths of Floxy. Discover here which advantages wearing a Floxy brings you even more.

More air

Floxy allows you to breathe more comfortably and freely while wearing a face mask. Because you get more air, your face mask will feel less oppressive.

More comfort

Floxy gives you the freedom to protect yourself and others in comfort.

better understandable

Greater intelligibility

Floxy ensures that others are always able to understand you when you’re talking with your face mask on.


Floxy is a durable product with a long lifespan. So don’t just discard your Floxy but use it day after day, week after week and month after month.


Floxy is made of recycled materials and, in turn, can also be recycled.

belgian product

A 100% Belgian product

Floxy is a 100 % Belgian product, giving you the peace of mind that you purchased a qualitative item.

User manual Floxy

Protecting other people and yourself in a pleasant way, can be done easily thanks to wearing a Floxy. However, it is important that you wear and maintain the Floxy in the right way. Discover here the Floxy user manuals and protect each other.


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