Our story

Floxy is a family business that has its origins in a concern for our nearest and dearest. The corona virus crisis has made face masks an indispensable accessory if we want to go about our daily business these days. In fact, to protect yourself and others against the spread of the virus, wearing a face mask has become crucial.

Founder Sandra works in the hospitality business where wearing a face mask is mandatory. But Sandra soon discovered that wearing a face mask on a day-to-day basis or while caring for others wasn’t all plain sailing. You’ve experienced it yourself no doubt, face masks are difficult to keep in place, are far too hot and can make you gasp for air. While talking and breathing they can become damp and trying to get your message across can be a struggle. In sum, as accessories go, face masks are not the most comfortable of things to wear.

That’s what got Sandra looking for a solution that would make wearing a face mask more pleasurable. A simple piece of cardboard soon formed the basis for the Floxy concept. Endless brainstorming, designing, testing and fine-tuning later, Floxy has become the ultimate face mask accessory.

Floxy today

Floxy is a 100 % Belgian product and the ideal face mask accessory that ensures that the fabric doesn’t touch your face or mouth directly. Floxy is available in different sizes and colors and is compatible with most face masks on the market. making it accessible to everyone.

A Floxy is far more than an implement; it is an everyday accessory that helps you to protect yourself and others. By washing it with lukewarm water and soap you can use it for years to come, or better still: you can protect yourself and others for years.

Our symbolisation

Floxy is a compound of the English words ‘flow’ and ‘oxygen’ and refers to the manner in which Floxy allows you to breathe more easily while wearing a face mask. The freedom, playfulness and straightforward movement of air are reflected in the Floxy design and logo.