User manual

Wearing a Floxy

Floxy makes it easier and more enjoyable to protect yourself and others. Do bear in mind however that preventing infection is about wearing your Floxy correctly and at the appropriate times.

When should you wear a Floxy?

Wearing a Floxy in first instance helps you to protect the people around you. In other words, always wear it when a safe distance cannot be guaranteed or when you come into direct contact with others. Examples that spring to mind are travel by public transport or getting into a car with other people, if you work in the hospitality sector or when you need to attend a meeting. Where the recommended social distance of 1.5 metres can be respected you are under no obligation to wear a face mask but it is very much recommended that you do.

How to wear a Floxy?

Before you put on your face mask and Floxy, be sure to wash your hands with water and soap. Next, assemble your face mask and Floxy correctly:

  • Place your face mask over the Floxy so that your Floxy is on the inside.
  • Snap your face mask and Floxy together using the fastener (tiny round plate)
  • Place the face mask on your face
  • Make sure that your face mask covers both your mouth and nose.

When you set up the Floxy for the first time, it may feel uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. This is perfectly normal, you have to get used to it for a while. When wearing a Floxy make sure the Floxy rests on both jawbones. Don’t push the Floxy against your mouth, the extra space will make it more comfortable to talk, breathe and protect.

Avoid touching your face mask and use the elastic bands or ribbons on the side of your face mask to put in on and take it off. Also try to avoid touching your face mask while you’re wearing it. Do not leave your face mask or Floxy lying about but pick a fixed and clean location to store both.

When taking off your face mask and Floxy for a brief spell, you can always place it in a breathable bag.

How to keep your Floxy in good nick?

Just like your reusable face mask, also a Floxy needs to be washed to guarantee optimum hygiene. Wash your Floxy with (lukewarm) water and soap and dry it. Do not put your Floxy in a dishwasher or wash it at temperatures of 60°C or more.

Washing your face mask on a regular basis is important to keep it hygienically clean and to guarantee its protection factor. We would advise you to change your face mask every 8 hours if used intermittently and every 4 hours after intensive use and to wash it religiously. So ideally, you should always have at least 2 face masks to hand.